Make real use of your key metrics. Easily.

A complete dashboard solution for all your business needs.

Easily connect data

Database, third party service, webhook - whatever is your data source - StatsMix can connect to it.

Track, share, customize.

Chart & Track Anything

Measure your performance with metrics and KPIs, gaining deeper understanding of what drives your business.

Get Started in Minutes

Track any metric with our API or we'll automatically monitor social media, analytics, support systems, and many more services.

Share with Everyone

Share metrics and dashboards using email, embedding, private links, and guest accounts.


Copy & Paste Code

Quickly start tracking metrics using our generated code for popular programming languages.

Aggregate Metrics

Data lives in silos. Bring together internal metrics as well as those from popular services in unified dashboards.

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards of your metrics to gain business insights. Mix and match metrics to create perfect views.

Start monitoring your metrics in just minutes.

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